Oh dear! How time flies!

Hello world!

I’ve been wanting to post for many weeks now but haven’t found the time, unfortunately. How will I find the time to keep up with this and a Facebook page? It seems like a ton has happened since I last posted. Phase III is long gone and I am on the tail end of Phase IV. My portfolio is up for review at the beginning of June. I’m busily looking for and photographing models, still life, and architecture. Where is there time to edit and retouch????

I wanted to post some pictures of my trip to (the further western part of) the Berkshires. But, alas, my hard drives (3 to be exact) have run out of space and the files are currently waiting to be imported into Lightroom. I believe my computer is annoyed with me copying and deleting files all day today. But in other news, I assisted an architectural photographer over spring break in NYC and learned lots. I recently observed photo shoots from two different food photographers.  I’m just about finished with my website. Just need some tweaks and my logo. I’m beginning my search for freelance and not so freelance jobs.

This week I will make creme brulee (for the first time) for one of my commercial portfolio requirements. I’ll let you know how it turns out. =)

Until next time…

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