Hello everyone! Hope those in the US are having a great Labor Day weekend. I, myself, got to see two classmates from Hallmark. I forgot how pretty the Susquehanna River is the further north in PA you travel. My website is officially online. Yay! www.christinasiu.com For those of you who found it beforehand, it’s updated with my newest pictures. I’ll be adding prices to the images in my Fine Art portfolio soon. I still have plenty of images to sort through so I’ll be adding to the Fine Art section periodically.

A friend of mine is doing a Gratitude a Day post on her website. It’s a pretty cool idea and it will get more positive energy into the world. Check it out! http://www.gennifercarragher.com/2012/09/01/happy-month-of-gratitude/

Let’s see, what other useless information can I give you because I have no good stories to write about at the moment? I’m itching to make a chocolate silk pie. I found a dream tripod head and almost perfect tripod (on paper). The tripod is almost perfect because fully extended, it’s shorter than me. Now if I had a bank account that could afford that…=) I’ve started watching XIII on the Reelz channel. Am happy that Doctor Who has started up and hoping that BBC America is not turning into one of the many other cable channels in showing primarily reality shows. I want to see comedies or dramas in the spirit of Coupling or Monarch of the Glen.

Since I’m not at the beach and many of you probably are, here’s a pic to leave off with. Enjoy!

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