In threes

Sigh, third time’s a charm hopefully. This is the third time writing this post this morning. It seems there is not a save draft button anymore. The entry is getting shorter with each try.  =/

Let’s see…

Currently home from work because NYC transit has shut down. Winds are picking up. It’s rained but not terribly hard. I’ve moved my car to the Wednesday street cleaning side but wondering if the street cleaning sign is going to fall on top of the car at some point with the hurricane. Oh, the irony! 😉

Went to PhotoPlus Expo and shoot nyc last week. Got to learn new things, found new products, met new folks, and found some old friends. Been planning on getting new business cards with moo again. I’ve been trying to decide on which photos to feature on the cards. I will use a few of the popular ones from my current batch, one of which is on my website in the Fine Arts portfolio.

I need to start photographing food again. Not exactly a good topic to talk about since I’ve been hungry all morning and just haven’t gotten up to feed myself. Any suggestions? (for photographing, not breakfast soon-to-be lunch!) Keep in mind I’m vegetarian. Been thinking maybe I should do holiday themes since the holiday season is here. There have been some pretty awesome concepts on the covers of the food magazines at the checkout counters. The other day, I saw a bandaged head in the window of a bakery. Now if only I was in my kitchen!

Okay, I think I am going to post this entry first and then the pictures. Hopefully something gets up today!


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