Happy Early Christmas/Season’s Greetings!!!!

Hi all,

It seems kind of weird it’s almost Christmas already. No snow except for that one storm a couple of weeks ago. Still trying to figure out my shopping list and where to go. Off and on, I’ve been seeing magazine covers with Holiday cookies, desserts, and projects. It’s making me itch to bake and photograph food again.

I don’t think I’ve ever really made Holiday cookies except for maybe the Pillsbury ones with the Christmas tree in the middle. Always wanted to make a gingerbread house too. Maybe I’ll figure out plans on constructing a Victorian one for next year. Hmmm…stained glass windows. I’d need to learn to play with sugar for that! I saw giant gingerbread men at one of the booths they have set up at Union Square for Christmas. It’s quite a sight if you’re in the area but oh so very crowded. My personal bubble had to be shrunk down to almost (okay, was) non-existent. Found some tempting handmade chocolate snowmen at Whole Foods.

Edible cuteness

Edible cuteness













Decorative street lights were being hung up around Thanksgiving time. So, the snowflake was taken in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Snowflake

Brooklyn Snowflake

Here’s hoping for a white Christmas! =D   (Just saw the snow on my blog. Forgot about that. That makes me happy!)

Safe travels and holidays everyone! See you next year!

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