The March’s Lion’s Cousin

Hi World!

I think I need to sit down and brainstorm on topics to write about for the upcoming year. Been having trouble with that. It was suggested that I write about my cat. So, I thought I’d comment about two pictures that I’ve taken of her.

First things first, the background. Meet Shadow. She’s just a regular American shorthair cat. Although her name fits her fur coloring, she was dubbed Shadow due to following me around like my own shadow. She used to sleep on my chest. Really quite hard to breathe (and sleep!) when you have a seven pound cat laying on your chest. She’s gained weight since then. Thank goodness she doesn’t do that anymore!

In the eyes of Shadow.

In the eyes of Shadow.

This first picture came about when I was applying to photography school. One of the photo requirements was a self-portrait. This is what I came up with. It’s pretty subtle as far as self-portraits go, in my opinion. But then, when you look at it and look at it some more, it’s kind of creepy in a way, huh? It makes me think of what she sees when she looks at me.

It was taken with my Nikon D90 camera, 28-105mm Sigma lens with on camera flash. I believe I had it on aperture-priority mode.


This second one, you may recognize from my website. This was from a shoot I hoped to use towards the pet photography requirement in photography school for my final portfolio. However, I didn’t think any of the images were good enough for the portfolio and ended up submitting something else. Afterwards, going back through the shoot, I found this one that spoke to me and wish I had “discovered” it to use in said portfolio.

Shadow's official portrait.

Shadow’s official portrait.

It seems like a very studio lit headshot to me. This was made with the Canon 5D Mark ii, 24-70mm Canon lens, and ambient/window lighting, no reflector.


I find that I like taking pictures with the background going out of focus. One or two more examples of that can be seen in my website portfolios. Besides it being less distraction in most instances, it can help bring nice color or compositional shapes to the image. Hoping I get to make more of these kind of images if only the sun would come out and play!

See you guys next month!

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