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Hi everyone,

I’ve been struggling with my new batch of business cards. Not in design but in terms of which images I want on them. moo is awesome! They allow you to choose different paper surfaces, thicknesses, corners, and you can have a different image on each card, up to 50 images. This time around, I may go with their shiny surface which they just started. It’ll make my images look more like mini photos. If I do that, I may forego the rounded corners though. Haven’t quite decided on that.

The thing that’s been holding me back the most is the images I want on the cards. Since I was going to use these cards as a portable portfolio, I was going to put images of the types of photography that I do from architecture to food, products, and fine art (landscapes) Originally, I was going to add real estate interiors as well. But upon thinking it over some more, people were excited to pick my landscape pictures over the portraits in my last batch. I’ll probably include the interesting architectural details but not products…maybe food. It does defeat the purpose of being able to show potential clients what I can do in the time it takes to get my cards out. But to do that or give them something they would appreciate more? Alternatively, I could just get another set to be sent out as promo pieces or part of a leave behind package.

I guess taking days to write this post is to my advantage (Yes, I know this is not a very long post!). moo is having a sale this weekend. That will be my incentive to get them done already! =D

Here’s the card that everyone seems to want. Enjoy!

Beach Walkway

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