Wow, how did half the year go by already? So, it’s just about summertime in the northern hemisphere and many are planning on trips and vacations in the next couple of months. I thought I’d share a couple  of photos I took and explain the thought behind it. These photos were taken in the Kubuqi Desert, Resonant Sound Gorge in Inner Mongolia. They were probably taken around midday, so, not necessarily the best time to get the great desert photos that other photographers take to show the spotless texture of the wind blown sand.

Sand Dunes, Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia

Sand Dunes, Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia




I thought the portrait orientation was best to capture this part of the desert. It helps concentrate the viewer to observe the dunes without extraneous landscape to distract the eye. The lines of the dunes also form a leading line, drawing the viewer further back into the photo, helping to show greater depth within the photograph. Though I don’t remember the thoughts as to how I purposely framed this exactly, it does demonstrate the rule of thirds. The foreground being the “flatter” portion of the dunes, the “hills” of the dunes making up another third of the photograph, and finally the sky for the remaining third.







Desert and Umbrellas, Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia

Desert and Umbrellas, Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia


This next photograph, I remember I wanted to photograph the scene like many of the beach with beach umbrellas photos seen in travel magazines or ads.  What was perfect was seeing a line of tourists making their way across. I was lucky enough to get each individual in between the umbrellas at the same time.



Thanks for tuning in! Don’t forget to take advantage of the present and look outside the viewfinder for happy accidents. Safe travels!


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