Oh no, winter is gone!

Hi World!

Can you believe spring is here already? It’s kind of hard to believe considering it snowed the other night! This past winter, I decided to experiment photographing snowflakes with my 100mm macro lens just to see if was possible with that lens. I discovered I can get great boca backgrounds but as for individual flakes, not so much. One day, I’d like to try using the 180mm macro lens and maybe add some extension tubes to see what happens. Yep, it’s been done already by others, but since I’m a scientist as well, more experimentation is needed. I’ll have to try one of the DIY setups I’ve seen online for photographing snowflakes, although, I did find a post where someone used a point and shoot and was able to get individual snowflakes. I should try that with my point and shoot and see if I can reproduce that as well.


Snowflake Boca

Snoflake Boca















Snowflake closeup

Snowflake closeup


I’m hoping this year, I make it to D.C. to photograph the cherry blossoms, which should be another week or two before the peak…maybe. Though with all the “April showers” coming that may change. Also, I’ve been thinking about possibly going shooting in the Blue Ridge Mountains soon. I haven’t gone out for landscapes for quite a while now. I miss being out in nature. I have a couple of series planned to go on my website. One is mushrooms and the other is a surprise.

I’ve finally started on updating my portfolio (images not on the website just yet). Yea! I’m working on food at the moment and have discovered some things. I love to bake and, usually, don’t have many problems. I haven’t made cakes for a while and I normally make other types of frostings than what is needed for piping.

Discovery #1: Non-stick cake pans still need to be greased and floured. I normally use springform pans for cakes but one of my bottoms seems to have gone missing. So, I got some round cake pans and thought I’d try the non-stick ones while I was at it, even though they were dark pans.

Discovery #2: My oven might not be level. Easy to find out but I have yet to stick a level in it to check.

Discovery #3: I found that I have trouble making buttercream, more specifically, FLUFFY WHITE buttercream. I started off with Swiss several times and finally tried American. I have no problems with the meringue but once the butter is added, there goes the fluff and color. I don’t think my butter is overly yellow. I’ve read/seen that I should just beat the heck out of it so it gets whiter but it hasn’t worked for me. Maybe I should beat the butter first until it’s light in color first and see if that helps any. The color of vanilla extract doesn’t help either.

Discovery #3.2: I don’t know what to do with all the “trial” buttercream that’s taking up space in the fridge.

Discovery #4: There’s such a thing as white vanilla extract. Who knew? I’ve never come across it until now. I can’t find anything about how it’s made except maybe using vanillin instead of the beans.

Discovery #5: Multiple cakes = no room in the fridge or countertops for anything else.


I think next week I will start on some entrées before I make another cake I have planned and some recreations of yummy things I’ve had at restaurants. Until my next post, happy eats!


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